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menerawang masa depan di TFSC

Sunday, 12 February 2012 2 comments

Tulisan saya bersama Ozcan Saritas tentang “menerawang masa depan”, tampil di jurnal bergengsi (bintang 3) Technological Forecasting and Social Change – TFSC (Vol 79 (3) March 2012, Pages 509–529). Tulisan ini adalah analisis lebih lanjut tentang data yang kami gunakan dalam paper tahun 2009 ketika kami menggabungkan Network Analysis dengan foresight. Kalau dalam paper 2009 kami lebih berkutat pada metodologi, maka pada paper ini kami berfokus pada data dan interpretasinya.

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Masalah kota, masalah kita – rusuh kota, rusuh kita

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 6 comments

Menanggapi kerusuhan di Inggris -yang juga melanda kota dimana kami tinggal di Manchester- saya menulis catatan di bawah ini sebagai reaksi atas berbagai analisis yang gencar muncul di media. Catatan ini saya kirim ke harian Kompas 11 Agustus dan, setelah diedit sana-sini, dimuat tanggal 22 Agustus 2011 (silakan baca di sini). Sebelumnya, juga saya ‘kicau’kan di Twitter, yang diarsip rekan saya mas Suryaden di blognya (di sini).

Selamat menikmati catatan (yang lebih lengkap) ini – semoga berguna.

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Localising the global, globalising the local: The role of the internet in shaping globalisation discourse in Indonesian NGOs

Friday, 30 July 2010 Leave a comment

Journal of International Development, Early-cite, DOI: 10.1002/jid.1733

Yanuar Nugroho


Globalisation arguably brings about socio-economic development but the distribution of these benefits is unequal. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), whose growth has often been closely linked with globalisation, have been outspoken regarding this inequality. Despite clear linkages between NGOs and globalisation, there has been little research aiming at understanding how NGOs engage with the issue of globalisation itself. Using the case of Indonesia, this study aims to uncover how NGOs utilise the Internet to respond to globalisation-related issues. NGOs should understand global issues in their local contexts and rearticulate more saliently for their beneficiaries. Technology can serve this purpose when used strategically. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Microfinance and Innovation: Are we reinventing the Wheel?

Friday, 27 November 2009 Leave a comment

I had an opportunity to co-author with my ex supervisor Professor Ian Miles to write an opinion in the world magazine MicrofinanceInsights. The piece appears in the latest edition (Vol 15, Nov/Dec 2009). I quote the editorial’s comment:

Innovation: Are we Reinventing the Wheel?

In this issue, we look at different innovations—product, technology, and financial—that are adding value and efficiency to the sector. In our Commentary, Ian Miles and Yanuar Nugroho of the University of Manchester, argue that microfinance is now poised to bridge the gap between the privileged and the bottom of the pyramid, with the help of innovations that bear no resemblance to the Wall Street machinations that helped bring the global economy to its knees. In our cover story, Stephen Hodgson of Redport International and Yana Watson of Dalberg Global Development Advisors, question the nature of innovation that has taken place in microfinance to date; cite examples from the annals of financial history that could work well when applied to microfinance; and conclude that the sector might be better served if it adopts models that have been tried and tested in other spheres of finance. The issue brims with examples of innovations that work—from mobile technology in India to financial education for Mongolian teenagers to ATM-style kiosks in Georgia—and ones that don’t, such as the Business Correspondent system, which has faltered in India. In this issue’s Survey, our team polled 180 microfinance institutions about how Information & Communication Technology has influenced their work. You will also find the results of a Reader Survey we conducted in September to gauge what our audience thinks of Microfinance Insights so we can tailor the content to suit their preferences.

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Growing green: Venture capital support for clean technology

Friday, 27 November 2009 Leave a comment

InnoGRIPS Newsletter No. 9, October 2009

by Jennifer Hayden and Yanuar Nugroho
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Global venture capital has been hit hard by the recession, dampening the prospects for many would-be start-ups at just the time when job creation and innovation are badly needed. Venture capital plays a critical role in funding the risky, early stages that other forms of finance often shy away from. Fund managers bring a mix of expertise and capital to guide a good idea to fruition with the goal of reaping large pay-offs at the IPO, but more often than not the venture fails – a risk that traditional funding bodies will not take on board. The success of the venture capital industry is important because it acts as a catalyst for innovation in the economy and can be critical in bringing course-altering technologies to the fore1. It is promising then that global venture capital is addressing itself to the grand challenge of climate change through its support of green technologies.

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krisis global tak berdampak ke TKI di inggris? yang bener aja …

Saturday, 7 February 2009 9 comments

siang sampai sore hari ini saya mendapat telepon dari tanah air beberapa kali. kalau tak salah hitung, ada 8 atau 9 kali, dari orang yang berbeda-beda dan dua diantaranya dari media massa. ada kemiripan semua isi telepon itu. awalnya, semua bertanya, “apa benar tak ada dampak krisis ekonomi saat ini di inggris?“. saya jawab, “tidak benar“. lalu saya tanya balik, “kenapa?” lalu dijawab, “kompas yang bilang itu“. saya menukas, “ngawur itu. sudah pasti kompas salah.” lalu ditanggapi lagi, “lha ini dari wawancara mereka yang bekerja di ingris kok“. lalu saya menukas lagi, “lha yang diwawancarai yang nggak ngerti situasinya.” lalu yang bikin saya shock, “lha bukannya kamu juga diwawancarai?”

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Corporate governance: Towards bonum commune?

Thursday, 19 June 2008 3 comments

Perspective is about bringing together things that seem to have no relation to each other so that they could be more easily understood in a context. It sounds simple. But it helps scrutinising the relationship between noble idea of good governance and hullabaloo of corporate responsibility. Why these two? Firstly, because discourse about good governance today cannot but touch upon the issue of corporate governance. And secondly, because corporate responsibility has become the issue of corporate governance.

It has been admitted that corporations are playing vital role in developments as they create employment, produce goods and services, bring investments and thus economic growth. As no one would disagree that good governance is necessary for development, neither do they contradict the idea that good governance should be applied to corporate world. Even, it flowers a thought that business should be allowed to regulate themselves.

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