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FSPI: Stand by your people, G33 Ministers!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007 2 comments

Earlier today, 20 March 2007, the G33 Meeting was kicked-off in Jakarta. Various Indonesian civil society groups worry that the meeting will be intervened by other interests, especially WTO — indicated by the (unnecessary) presence of Pascal Lamy –and some other developed countries’ representatives– at the meeting. FSPI, one of the civil society coalitions organised a rally to ‘welcome’ the meeting today. Mohammed Ikhwan of FSPI reported below.

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A chance at Cancun to make trade democratic

Wednesday, 10 September 2003 Leave a comment

Headlines – The Jakarta Post, 10 September 2003

Yanuar Nugroho

Sumiah, 26, hails from Mojokerto, East Java. A permanent employee in a furniture factory for more than eight years, last year she was made a part-time worker, along with some 200 others. Their employer told them that the company needed to be “flexible” to stay in business.

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Trade: A market fundamentalism (Part 2 of 2)

Friday, 25 July 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post – OPINION & EDITORIAL – Friday, July 25, 2003
by Yanuar Nugroho,

There is series of issues called the “Singapore Issues” or “New Issues” to be launched at Cancun, that consist of the issues of investment policy, competition policy, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation.

Actually, investment policy will be the only new issue at Cancun. How important is this issue?

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Trade between nations needs to be regulated (Part 1 of 2)

Thursday, 24 July 2003 1 comment

The Jakarta Post – OPINION & EDITORIAL – Thursday, July 24, 2003

Yanuar Nugroho,

This is a true story, cited from a good book, The Little Earth Book (2002). Tatu Museyni grows coffee in Tanzania. The price she gets for her coffee has halved from 1980 to 2000. It halved again in the last two years. Her income is down to US$30 for the whole year. Her children no longer go to school and the family faces starvation.

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Cancun: A battle for life

Wednesday, 16 July 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post – OPINION & EDITORIAL – Wednesday, July 16, 2003
by Yanuar Nugroho

The next crucial trade talks will take place in Cancun, Mexico, in September. This will be the fifth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the most important conference of the WTO in recent years.

The conference, following the previous meeting in Doha, Qatar, in 2001, becomes crucial as developing countries find themselves under pressure — if not threatened — by the proposal for a new round, particularly in agriculture, industrial tariffs, services (or GATS — General Agreements on Trade in Services) and what is called the Singapore Issues (investment, competition policy, transparency, government procurement). What actually matters?

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