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cooking goes online

Tuesday, 8 July 2008 19 comments

ira loves cooking. not only for her family (me, aruna and nara) but also for other people. actually she has been taking some occassional catering orders from some colleagues and friends but she never thinks cooking or catering is a quite prospective business. and until now she still believes the same: that she will not make money from cooking. to her, cooking is only worthy when it is done for love, not for money. this is why even when she takes order for catering she will only do it when she is sure that the kids are not “put at risk” of being neglected, etc. so there is no such a thing as “customer is king” in her dictionary. i can’t agree more.

last night i managed to convince her to join multiply and to put some of her cooking and catering online. certainly not to attract customers, but just to share the passion of healthy eating. so here it is: her sketches of healthy eating, cooking and catering.

please visit it and if you happen to know ira, add her as your contact. although i have to warn you that she prefers reading book and homeschooling the kids than hooking herself on PC/laptop.

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