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Fear and loathing of agrarian modernization

Monday, 27 October 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post, 27 October 2003 : opinion & editorial

Yanuar Nugroho

During the international trade talks last month in Cancun, Mexico, South Korean leader of its farmers’ and fishers’ union, Lee Kyung-hae, 54, stabbed himself at a violent protest. The former lawmaker, who later died, had earlier climbed a high security fence and waved a banner that read “WTO kills farmers”.

With regard to the controversy upon his death, he may have been correct in addressing that concern.

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21st-century crusade to reduce world poverty

Friday, 17 October 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post – Headline News, 17 October 2003

by Yanuar Nugroho

In spite of the development of agriculture, scientific knowledge and modern technology, the wealth of the poorest group has actually fallen. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) this year reports that more than 1.2 billion people across the world — two-thirds of them women — live in crushing poverty, and face difficult access to food, safe water, sanitation, basic education and health services.

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Parpol 2004: Menuju Matahari Terbenam

Wednesday, 1 October 2003 Leave a comment

TEROPONG – Mingguan Hidup, Oktober 2003

oleh Yanuar Nugroho

Baru saja diumumkan bahwa 34 partai politik (parpol) lolos verifikasi untuk ikut dalam pemilu 2004. Entah berapa lagi yang akan lolos, atau justru gugur, bukanlah inti soalnya. Melainkan, apakah para parpol tersebut cukup visioner sebagai penyambung lidah aspirasi rakyat –atau setidaknya, konstituennya? Mari kita lihat secuplik data.

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