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FSPI: Stand by your people, G33 Ministers!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007 2 comments

Earlier today, 20 March 2007, the G33 Meeting was kicked-off in Jakarta. Various Indonesian civil society groups worry that the meeting will be intervened by other interests, especially WTO — indicated by the (unnecessary) presence of Pascal Lamy –and some other developed countries’ representatives– at the meeting. FSPI, one of the civil society coalitions organised a rally to ‘welcome’ the meeting today. Mohammed Ikhwan of FSPI reported below.

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Fear and loathing of agrarian modernization

Monday, 27 October 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post, 27 October 2003 : opinion & editorial

Yanuar Nugroho

During the international trade talks last month in Cancun, Mexico, South Korean leader of its farmers’ and fishers’ union, Lee Kyung-hae, 54, stabbed himself at a violent protest. The former lawmaker, who later died, had earlier climbed a high security fence and waved a banner that read “WTO kills farmers”.

With regard to the controversy upon his death, he may have been correct in addressing that concern.

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