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Kepemilikan Intelektual – Saat Manusia Bermain sebagai Tuhan

Friday, 12 September 2003 1 comment

TEROPONG, Mingguan Hidup, September 2003

oleh Yanuar Nugroho

Saat ini, uang menentukan hidup mati seseorang. Makin sedikit anda punya uang, makin sedikit pula kesempatan anda untuk hidup di bumi ini. Suka atau tidak, ini sebuah fakta. Setidaknya, kini kita hidup dalam sebuah dunia dimana mati atau hidup bukan lagi sesuatu yang ‘alamiah’, melainkan ‘bisa dibuat’.

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Political economics behind efforts to eliminate piracy

Tuesday, 12 August 2003 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post, OPINION & EDITORIAL – Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Yanuar Nugroho,

Recently my old laptop was seriously attacked by a worm virus called W.32Yaha@mm. The computer became slow and the virus started sending unauthorized emails, spreading the virus to all the people in my address book.

Almost instantly, I activated the “update” of my Anti-Virus software to prevent further damage and to destroy the virus. My attempt failed. An error-message was displayed on my screen stating, “Your Anti-Virus has expired”.

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