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‘There are casualties in successful businesses’

Monday, 23 September 2002 1 comment

The Jakarta Post, 23 September 2002, OPINION & EDITORIAL

The head of The Indonesian Control Body for Stock Market (Bapepam) Herwidayatmo last month stated that the number of public investors in Indonesia now number only 55,000, down from 1995 when there were more than two million investors.

Herwidayatmo said this is caused by three main factors: The economy, lack of good corporate governance and investor disappointment with stock market services. Are these reasons valid? Let’s look at some other facts.

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Johannesburg Summit results: Stealing the future

Monday, 9 September 2002 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post, 9 September 2002 : HEADLINE NEWS

We might believe that sustainable development is the only direction to which leads the history of humankind. Whether this is a doctrine or a cliché something looks clearer and clearer by the day: The rich are living off the resources of the poor.

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