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Doctoral Thesis

Does the Internet transform civil society? The case of Civil Society Organisations in Indonesia (2004-2007)
Supervised by Professor Ian Miles (University of Manchester); Dr. Lawrence Green (University of Manchester)
Examined by Professor William Dutton (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK); Professor Philippe Laredo (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Laboratoire Techniques Territoires et Sociétés, France)

Journals (Peer-reviewed)

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Working Papers (Peer-reviewed)

  1. Nugroho, Y., Amalia, M. (2010). “Exploring Knowledge Management in Civil Society Organisations: Sustaining Commitment, Advancing Movement“. Manchester Business School Working Paper, No. 600, The University of Manchester.
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Conference Papers (Peer-reviewed)

  1. Amalia, M., Nugroho, Y. (2010). “An innovation perspective of knowledge management strategy and implementation: Insights from a multinational subsidiary in Indonesia“. The R&D Management Conference 2010: Information, Imagination and Intelligence in R&D Management.
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Non-peer-reviewed academic papers

  1. Nugroho, Y. (2006) “Internet and Civil Society in Indonesia”, Doctoral colloquium paper at the 7th Conference of the Association of the Internet Researcher (AoIR), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [Slide]
  2. Nugroho, Y. (2006) “Network dynamics of global CSOs in the transition to democracy in Indonesia”, poster presentation and talk in the Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford, July 2006
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Articles/Short essays (Newspapers, Magazines, Bulletin, etc.)

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