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Business after the tragedy

Monday, 21 October 2002 Leave a comment

The Jakarta Post, Opinion & Editorial, 21 October 2002

The world is shocked. Bali and Manado, two areas known for their calmness and peacefulness, were brutally disrupted by deadly explosions. Hundreds are dead and badly wounded. Most of them were overseas tourists — and a shocked world is now an angry world.

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Understanding the coupling between technology, business

Monday, 7 October 2002 1 comment

The Jakarta Post, 7 October 2002 – OPINION & EDITORIAL

Let us consider these three facts. First, Nokia has just released its newest type of mobile: The 7650. It is not only a mobile phone, but also has a built-in camera, an internet interface and a personal digital assistant. Amazing and sophisticated. Some (if not many) people will fall over heels to get their hands on this latest product.

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