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Freeing up services: Delayed, not canceled

Wednesday, 24 September 2003 Leave a comment

OPINION & EDITORIAL – The Jakarta Post, 24 September 2003

Yanuar Nugroho

Rejoicing and lamentation greeted the collapse of the world trade talks in Cancun last week. Those who lamented represented the developed countries, which have had their pursuit of profit slowed down. Those celebrating included representatives of developing countries, which prematurely thought that it was a victory of the poor world against large corporations.

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Health issue: The art of playing God?

Friday, 12 September 2003 Leave a comment

OPINION & EDITORIAL – The Jakarta Post, 12 September 2003
Yanuar Nugroho

Having less money means less opportunity to survive — to keep alive. We are in a world in which death and life are no longer “natural,” but “manufactured.

The association of pharmaceutical industries in the United States, PhRMA, quoting last year’s World Health Organization report, describes how diseases quickly and harshly kill people — 4 million people die annually due to respiratory infection, 2.2 million from typhus-cholera-dysentery, 1.7 million from tuberculosis, 1 million from malaria, 900,000 from blood-fever and 3 million from AIDS-related diseases.

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Kepemilikan Intelektual – Saat Manusia Bermain sebagai Tuhan

Friday, 12 September 2003 1 comment

TEROPONG, Mingguan Hidup, September 2003

oleh Yanuar Nugroho

Saat ini, uang menentukan hidup mati seseorang. Makin sedikit anda punya uang, makin sedikit pula kesempatan anda untuk hidup di bumi ini. Suka atau tidak, ini sebuah fakta. Setidaknya, kini kita hidup dalam sebuah dunia dimana mati atau hidup bukan lagi sesuatu yang ‘alamiah’, melainkan ‘bisa dibuat’.

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A chance at Cancun to make trade democratic

Wednesday, 10 September 2003 Leave a comment

Headlines – The Jakarta Post, 10 September 2003

Yanuar Nugroho

Sumiah, 26, hails from Mojokerto, East Java. A permanent employee in a furniture factory for more than eight years, last year she was made a part-time worker, along with some 200 others. Their employer told them that the company needed to be “flexible” to stay in business.

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