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the white britain

i believe in divine intervention. i believe in the ‘sign’ from ‘high-above’ – whatever people call it: God, god, gods, ultimate-energy, whatever. this picture will always remind me of that. in the beginning of this year, yearning for things to be just fine, in my prayer i asked for a ‘sign’: snow – and granted! (BBC and independent forecasted the snow would start two days later). a bit too much, though..! 🙂 – a coincidence? perhaps. but i don’t care. divine signs and miracles are always coincidences – it depends on how you see them!

thank you, and thank You
(ma – ch, 4/1/10:5.15pm – when the first snow fell)

PS. the picture is copyrighted (c) clickgreen.org.uk & greenwire.org.uk. upon reading this article and saw the picture, i emailed them and they sent me this original picture (5.4MB) – thank you guys. you rock 🙂

if you want to download the original picture, click here. for public use, don’t forget to acknowledge the copyrights.

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