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Top 10 Innovation Studies Journals

One of the projects I am working on is INNO-GRIPS, which is a multi-activities EU-funded project focusing on pooling innovation knowledge. We have a repository site which hosts some of the outputs of the project here (see the left panel). We also have a blog here (do visit, benefit from it … and leave comments!). Recently we met some PhD students and asked their experience with our GRIPs project. It is interesting to learn that what we blog do benefit the students (despite there are barely comments). One of the favourites is the “Top 10 Innovation Studies Journals”. Here it is …

What journals are innovation scholars keeping up with? Here are the top 10 favourites at Manchester University’s Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) alongside the list of Innovation specific journals from the Association of Business Schools.

MIoIR Top 10 Favourites:

Journal Name [Starbuck citation count estimate 2009] (JCR count 2007)

Research Policy [3.057] (2.211)
R & D Management [.722] (.597)
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management [1.368] (.638)
Technovation [1.699] (1.004)
Science [24.093] (26.372)
Research Evaluation [.421] (.413)
Nature (28.751)
Harvard Business Review [1.210] (1.323)
Political Studies Review
Industrial and Corporate Change [1.463] (1.325)

Association of Business Schools Innovation specific journals:

Journal Name [Starbuck citation count estimate 2009] (JCR count 2007)

Journal of Product Innovation Management [1.830] (1.585)
R & D Management [.722] (.597)
Industry and Innovation
International Journal of Innovation Management

Technovation [1.699] (1.004)
Creativity and Innovation Management
European Journal of Innovation Management
International Journal of Innovation and Learning

For more information about innovation-related topics, visit Inno-GRIPS blog.

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