Barriers to Internet adoption in Indonesian CSOs

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Among many other aspects, this research aims to investigate the barriers to the adoption of the Internet in civil society organisations (CSOs). However, it is not easy to address such a question straightforwardly. To approach this inquiry the survey posed two questions. One question addressed the ‘negative aspects’ caused by the use of ICTs, particularly the Internet, in Indonesian CSOs. The other one addressed the extent to which some factors hampered their Internet use.

Are there any negative aspects caused by Internet use in your organisation?

Source: Fieldwork survey data;
N=268, multiple responses possible

The salient negative aspects of Internet use in CSOs seem to be related more to the technical issues (computer virus and SPAM messages), and management issues (increase in expenditures, both in general and for specific communication purpose) rather than to the movement-specific issues (being overwhelmed in networking, and issues and concerns becoming biased). It is interesting to see that in only a few instances was the Internet said to be distractive to CSOs’ staff.

Indonesian CSOs also identified some difficulties in using ICTs, especially the Internet, in their organisation. The survey shows that lack of money, resource, infrastructure and expertise seemed to be the difficulties (very high and high) that were experienced by some 40%-45% of respondent CSOs. As expected, due to the nature of CSOs, problems like internal policies, external politics, conservative cultures, and many others, did not contribute significantly (low and very low) to the difficulties in using the Internet in the majority (above 60%) of Indonesian CSOs. However, a quite proportion of CSOs (21%-34%) considered all factors as having moderate impact to the difficulty they experienced in using the Internet.

What difficulties have you experienced in using ICT in your organisation?

Source: Fieldwork survey data;
N=268, only single response allowed

From these findings, there are some interesting points to learn. Firstly, the barriers for Internet adoption are more technical (in all respects) than substantial across Indonesian CSOs under study. Secondly, however these barriers reflect some common problems experienced by late adopters. This may confirm that in general, in technical aspects, Indonesian CSOs are lagging behind in adopting the ICTs.

However, this all may strongly be related to the Indonesian context, where the availability of Internet access and the development of telecommunication infrastructure is still problematic.

Source: Fieldwork survey and author’s reflection.
(PhD Thesis, Nugroho, 2007:275 – Box 8.1.)

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