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Box 9 – IGJ and GJU: Shaping civil society views on globalisation issues

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The Institute for Global Justice (IGJ) is a research-based advocacy NGO established in 2001, facilitated by INFID and some individual members of the Indonesian NGOs Monitoring Coalition on World Trade Organisation (Koalisi Ornop Pemantau WTO, or KOP-WTO). Rooted in Indonesian social movement and aimed as a part of global civil society network, IGJ envisions a ‘global justice order through social movements’ and aims to ‘deconstruct globalisation and facilitate social transformation in order to be critical towards globalisation through research, advocacy, education and networking activities’. There are three objectives that IGJ aspires to achieve, i.e. the development of critical awareness of the public about globalisation; the existence of local, national and global policy to protect and to appreciate life values and livelihood and a new world order based on pluralism, diversity, sustainability and justice (IGJ, 2001).

Website of the Institute for Global Justice (IGJ)
http://www.globaljust.org (visited 16/03/2007)

IGJ works with some 6 full-timers and a similar number of part-timers and manages IDR1-2 billion annually (approx USD111-222K). Established in the era when the Internet has been widely available in the centre of the metropolitan city of Jakarta, IGJ has adopted the technology since it was established. Using the 24/7 broadband connection, although with funnily fluctuating access speed as can always be expected in Indonesia, IGJ seems to be able to reap the benefit of the Internet to help achieve its objectives. And as IGJ works closely with its network, the benefits are also enjoyed by its partners.

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Source: Observation and interview with Hanim (27-28/10/2005; 23/05/2006) and Setiawan (22/02/2006)
(PhD Thesis, Nugroho, 2007:221 – Box 6.6.)

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