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Box 8 – AKATIGA and research for CSOs

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AKATIGA Foundation or Yayasan AKATIGA is an independent CSO focusing on social research on problems in rural and urban areas, covering issues on land, labour, small and micro entrepreneurship, including initiatives in social movements. In addition to research, AKATIGA’s activities centre around dissemination of information like publication, documentation and training. The information and analysis are aimed at supporting the development of social discourses as well as to endorse empowerment and advocacy conducted by grass root communities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Website of Yayasan AKATIGA
http://www.akatiga.org (consulted 16/03/2007)

AKATIGA conducts this advocacy through cooperation with several strategic and relevant networks in order to effectively reach to the bottom layer of certain marginalised communities. AKATIGA also provides services in research methodology training, primarily targeted to CSOs but also for government institutions. The main aim of this service is to increase their capacity in analysis in order to be able to plan more effective strategies and contextual advocacy. AKATIGA has been publishing its research as books (there are some 44 titles on SME, land, labour and governance studies), journal of social analysis (four monthly periodicals, since 1995), working papers and research reports, newspaper clippings (electronic and printed, since 1998), annotated bibliography series (since 2005) and pocket books, posters and module targeted to the wider public and specific NGOs.

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Source: Observation and in-depth interview with Sari (19/12/2005)
(PhD Thesis, Nugroho, 2007:218 – Box 6.5.)

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